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Pierre Cruise

How to Design a Vintage Bedroom on a Budget

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It might sound unbelievable, but the charming and sometimes luxurious look of a vintage-themed room can be recreated even on a constricted budget. All it takes is a bit of creativity and the desire for beauty that canít be limited by any amount of money. You might even be surprised at how much tips as simple as the following can do magic.

1. Hunt for bargains in garage sales or flea markets.

They may not sound glamorous, but plenty of households are just dying to get rid of old furniture and making a buck or two out of it. But one manís trash can be anotherís treasure, and people usually end up selling antiques that still work and just need a good shining.

By shopping around in such markets, you can discover good pieces without spending a lot.

2. Get ready to DIY.

Perfect finds in used furniture sales donít always turn out as perfect as hoped. A creaky leg or a chipped surface can be fixed for a low cost, especially if the time and the ability to do it yourself is available. There are plenty of articles on how to fix furniture online, and they come for free!

3. Focus on one big vintage piece.

For the ladies, a nice bedroom vanity can be the center of attention, and a vintage wooden one with a big ghost mirror captures the look of olden times perfectly. As an alternative, a big dresser can also work as the roomís focal point.

4. Paint the walls white.

A clean and clear foundation for the walls is classic, and anyone can buy a bucket of paint and brush on. Doing so also gives the bedroom a calm and even spacious atmosphere. This also leaves room for hanging up personal photographs or fanciful art pieces that look striking in contrast.

5. Accentuate with accessories.

From floral lamps to similarly designed satin sheets, these vintage accessories also add some color to the dominantly white and brown hues of the walls and big furniture pieces. Stained glass bottles and vases can be bought for cheap, and they also add an air of elegance. Mixing and matching decorative curtains and clocks bring that vintage style while also being equally functional.

These simple ideas donít require much in terms of finances, and they also push would-be designers to stretch their imaginations and exercise their building skills. A tight budget is not something to worry about; it can instead be seen as a fun challenge.

About the Author:
Pierre Angela Cruz is a Blogger and Marketing Consultant for Amerisleep, distributor of NASA technology infused mattress for a comfortable bed. Check the website for more information. Follow her on twitter @cruisepyer.

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