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Pierre Cruise

9 Highly-recommended Brands of Furniture

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If you’re planning to invest in furniture, you must focus on the quality of materials and the style. These two factors in furniture purchases will make a huge difference between furniture that would last for a lifetime and furniture that would end up in the storage or in a garage sale after a few years.

Investing in furniture requires your own good taste and judgment. It helps to look around and conduct an initial canvas of the furniture brands available in the market. To help you get started, here are the 10 furniture brands that I personally recommend:

1. LA-Z Boy

With numerous references in pop culture, who wouldn’t recognize LA-Z Boy? Ask a person to name a particular brand of furniture and LA-Z Boy would definitely be one of the first names he or she will mention. LA-Z Boy is home to the most comfortable sofas, love seats, recliners, and other types of chairs.

2. Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen is one of the many competing modern-oriented furniture houses in the market today. Their style primarily lies in associating modern flavors with simplicity and minimalism. If you are furniture-savvy and would want to give your interiors a personal and timeless twist, you might want to consider Ethan Allen.

3. Ki Furniture

While most furniture houses are busy designing per piece, Ki Furniture specializes in integration. More than assisting in installation, the company also considers the most appropriate themes and suggestions for you to maximize your available space. Their services cover site furnishings, healthcare seating, educational furniture and storage, among others. The company’s market territory spans America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

4. Drexel Heritage

Drexel began its trade in artisan furniture making in 1903. As the name implies, Drexel Heritage’s style is simply timeless through its classic woodwork and timeless hues of wood and upholstery. When you browse through their catalog, you will see that their products detail classical curvature with upholstery that highlights plain colors for maximum contrast.

5. Broyhill Furniture

Broyhill is one of the oldest American brands, thereby giving it a high level of brand recognition. It started manufacturing furniture in 1905 and has continued to grow to its current state—featuring extensive product lines for bedroom, dining room, and living room. Broyhill would even let you create your own design for your chairs through their website.

6. Thomasville Furniture

In North Carolina, Thomasville Furniture is a major contributor in the locality. Thomasville Furniture’s forte in woodworking is evident in the different shades and choices of exotic wood veneers they put on their furniture pieces. On top of their wide selection of furniture pieces, they also offer entertainment and lighting fixtures. You can even plan how you would want your room to look like through their website.

7. Klaussner Furniture

More than their bedroom and dining fixtures, Klaussner Furniture also manufactures stationary upholstery with dozens of fabrics and hues to choose from. They also have reclining upholstery with the same extensive range of designs. As additional help for their site’s readers, they provided how-to’s for proper maintenance of your leather, wood, and fabric furniture.

8. Lane Furniture

In March 1912, John Lane purchased an empty factory that used to manufacture boxes. His son, Ed Lane, was tasked to create custom-made chests in this newly-acquired space. It was here that Lane Furniture began its long-standing furniture company, where it eventually became famous for its line of cedar chests. True to its purpose of style and functionality, Lane Furniture is now known for its reclining furniture and tasteful upholstery.

9. Kincaid Furniture

More than their products, Kincaid is also known for its environment-friendly business practices. They are, in fact, AHFA-certified as “Sustainable by Design.” What began as a company creating solid wood wardrobes and cedar chests has now branched out to creating upholstery for their furniture. Even when La-Z Boy Inc. acquired the company in 1988, Kincaid continued to manufacture their products using solid wood.

Hopefully, this article has helped you narrow down your choices when it comes to trusted brands in furniture. Furniture is a big investment in making your home more comfortable, stylish, and timeless. With the right discernment and budgeting, you can start considering what you are getting for your home now that you have a clear reference for your future furniture purchases.

About the Author:
Pierre Angela Cruz is a Marketing Consultant for Open Brook. An Excellent source of information and reviews about Outdoor and Patio Furniture

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