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Ergonomic Chairs – When Comfort Matters the Most!

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When it comes to sitting in a chair, you may think there is nothing much to it. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The simple activity of sitting in a chair could have serious consequences for your health. This is because a badly designed seat can cause stress, leading to various physical consequences. It is therefore essential that one only uses ergonomically designed chairs.

The reason for chairs being the possible cause of myriad physical ailments is that our bodies are not designed to sit at one place for extended periods of time. This is because we are the descendents of a very physically active species that hunted, gathered and farmed. Unfortunately our modern lifestyles are such that we are spending even more time in chairs, working on our laptops and computers. Even our entertainment seems to be more and more centred towards spending greater lengths of time in front of a display screen. All of this has caused a sort of an epidemic of stress related diseases.

Now using ergonomically designed chairs certainly is the right thing to do, but it is nobody’s case that you needn’t do anything else. For you do need to get up and move around and do some stretching exercises, once in a while. Outside the office and away from your work stations, you should lead an active lifestyle. Or you risk the chance of developing fancy sounding syndromes like Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

Coming back to ergonomically designed chairs, there are chairs that come in all sizes and shapes meant for different purposes. These could be for an office, for the high flying executive, for an industrial environment, for a conference and for so many other scenarios. In the old days it was thought that the harder the furniture, the better it is for you, but that school of thought is proven to be wrong and ergonomics is what dictates chair design. This is something that is very seriously taken by government and benchmarking bodies that prescribe norms for specific types of seating arrangements; like in the case of an IT workstation, ISO9241-5:1999 norms are applicable.

So the next time you are sitting comfortably in your office, spare a thought for the pioneering engineers, who designed the first few ergonomically sound chairs. It is thanks to their efforts that these kinds of chairs became widely available, making the lives of so many people that much better. Today the ergonomically designed chair industry is huge and caters to myriad demands and requirements from diverse sections.

From a caveman hunting daily for his food to a suave office going professional who earns his daily bread by sitting for hours in front of a computer screen, mankind has indeed come a long way and so has his furniture.
RH ergonomic chairs will give you all what you are looking for . These chairs not only ensure that you are comfortable in them; they also considerably reduce the chances of stress to the body.

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