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Pierre Cruise

How to Child-Proof Your Patio and Deck

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Your patio is there for everyone to enjoy, from the grandparents to the little kids. Think about it: everyone is outside on a warm day; the adults are lazing around, while the kids are playing. However, if you constantly worry that your child might have an accident because of all the knick-knacks on your patio and deck, then you are not maximizing your outdoor refuge.

Here are five ways to child proof your patio and deck, so that the little ones can enjoy it as much as you do:

1. If you have railings installed on your deck, a small child can easily slip between these, which would then cause serious injuries. The best possible solution is to cover the gaps in between the railings with plexiglass, cloth, or plastic cover. You can also install plastic cord ties to lessen the gaps. Just be sure that you’ll void using staples or screws to attach the cords, as these poses potential choking hazards when dislodged.

2. Another way to fill out the gaps between the railings is by adding vertical slats to cover the space where your child might squeeze through.

3. If there is a screen door installed on your patio that leads to the outside area, make sure to install a secure latch and lock it, if nobody will be looking after your child while he or she is outside.

4. A swimming pool helps you relax after a tiring work week. But to a small child, this is one of the most dangerous places in your house. If your patio does not have a screen door and it leads directly to the swimming pool, it is a must for you to install railings around the pool area itself.

Make sure that the railing is high enough that the child cannot climb over or slip right under it. Just like the railings on the porch, the spaces in between the railings should be small enough for any child to squeeze right through.

5. If you have a fireplace right by your patio, install a heat-resistant fireplace guard. Children tend to hover over fireplaces because of the warmth it gives them and the light it generates. Once their curiosity kicks in, chances are, they will reach into the fireplace. By installing a guard, you lessen the chances of having your child touch the flame.

Child-proofing your patio and deck is just as important as child-proofing the inside of your home. Safety of the kids should always come first. Are your patio and deck child-friendly? If not, what changes do you need to do? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below.

About the Author:
Pierre Angela Cruz is a Marketing Consultant for Open Brook. An Excellent source of information and reviews about Outdoor and Patio Furniture

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