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Easy Maintenance Landscaping

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Maybe you are thinking about renting your property, or you just have bought a property with the view of selling it in the future. If you are renovating an existing property to rent or sell, you may need to consider your landscaping options.

Specialists will often tell you that landscaped gardens are a sought-after feature for many property hunters. If you are not a keen gardener or you have tenants, you may want to consider landscaping that is easy to maintain but still looks attractive. Here are a few ways to enhance your outdoor space and keep it simple to maintain for you, your future buyer or tenant.

Plan your garden

Study sun paths across your garden to determine shaded and sunny areas. Find out about the soil, its quality and what can be planted in this type of soil. You can buy a home soil-testing kit to help you select the right type of plant to grow in your garden. It is a good idea to gather together plants with similar requirements such as light and water. Check plant types. If it is likely to grow big, find an appropriate place straight away so that you donít need to move it at a later stage. Avoid straight lines and opt, instead, for curved paths and flower beds to give your garden a more natural look. The lawnmower moves more easily around curves than around straight lines. Some plants are more water-thirsty than others; make sure you donít have too many plants that require a lot of water to cut down maintenance and water bills.

Do you really need a lawn?

If you are starting your garden from scratch, then you may want to consider having pots rather than a lawn. Lawns are high maintenance and require mowing at least once a week. Be ruthless and get rid of it. Instead, have landscape features such as fountains, sitting areas, colorful plant pots and boulders. Hard capes such as patios or pergolas can be very attractive and so easy to maintain. Leave some areas untidy for that typical English garden look. If you happen to have a big garden, you could leave an area to grow wild without jeopardizing the look of your garden. Plant some wildflowers, which can give beautiful seasonal color and require little gardening care.

Choose plants carefully

Go for native plants which will grow strong in your garden. They also tend to keep weeds at bay. Perennials are good. Bulbs such as daffodils are a good choice, as you only need to plant them once, and they come out year after year. Cornfield wild flowers are good for a prairie style garden. Shrubs are great for adding color and foliage to your garden, and conifers provide shape and texture. Determine your climate and natural environment, and avoid non-native plants that will need more care. If they are not meant for this particular climate, then it is more likely that it will be difficult to look after them.

A low-maintenance garden doesnít have to look boring. Choose plants and garden features which give a variety of color, shape and texture to your outdoor space. Doing less work doesnít mean that you can't have an eye-catching garden.

Flora Andrino is a UK writer who covers topics such architecture, construction and home improvements. She writes on a freelance basis for major online firms, often writing about topics like benchmarkmgmt property management Fleetwood.

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