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Why compare business energy tariffs?

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Comparing business energy tariffs and rates is your first step to reducing one of the biggest overheads any business has. Staff costs are at the top of the list but energy costs are a close second. Wouldn’t it be great if you could lower your energy bills by way of a single call to a free phone number? Well now you can save up to seventy percent of your current energy costs with one single phone call. Come on, you know it makes sense.

Single and dual tariff energy supply costs

As a business energy consumer you’ll probably be acutely aware of how even the smallest increase can, over time, increase your costs and drive down your profits potential. There are several different tariffs which businesses can tap into including dual fuel (gas and electric) sourced from the same supplier. If you currently use gas and electricity in combination but from two different suppliers, combining both on a dual fuel tariff can save you up to seventy percent on your current costs.

You can easily make comparisons by calling the Energy Advice Line free of charge. Any savings you can make depend on several factors, but realistically you can make up to seventy percent savings. In a stroke you can eliminate two standing charges and reduce it to a single charge if both gas and electricity is sourced from a single supplier. Then of course there are more potential savings to be made if the energy used is constant day and night or if there is an increased use during off peak times.

Green energy

Depending upon the geographical location of your business and the energy suppliers which cover that area, you may be able to source greener, cleaner electrical energy. Hydro and wind powered options are available and if you qualify by area and location, you may be able to save more money this way.

Green energy is subsidized in the UK and most of Europe and it is always worth looking in to the potential of a sustainable energy resource provider, to see if you can save money down this route.

The important message from this is that if you shop around you can save money and keep it in your pocket rather than putting it in the ‘pockets’ of the energy supplier. Of course you can always ask your current supplier what their lowest tariff is and in their defence they will probably inform you.

The chances of them actually comparing their lowest tariff to another supplier are zero, which means you would have to do all the legwork yourself. Rather than making what are seemingly endless phone calls and taking the long winded route, compare prices with a single call or consult the oracle on the website.

If you have always thought about switching but weren't sure about how to go about it, contact the Energy Advice Line today free of charge. One single phone call and all those potential savings summed up in one single word - excellent.

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