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Choosing Between Live or Cut Flowers as a Gift

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Giving flowers to friends and family has been a tradition since the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Flowers can be used for absolutely any occasion or for no reason at all. Flowers are an amazing way to brighten someone's spirits and will help create a more welcoming and warm environment instantly.

There are a number of options when it comes to buying flowers online such as buying them from internet trader. The first choice people have to make is whether to give a cut flower bouquet or arrangement as opposed to a live potted plant. In some cases bouquets and arrangements are the better choice, but there are times when a potted plant or living flower will make an equally powerful statement.

Benefits of Cut Arrangements

A cut arrangement, usually delivered as a bouquet is a good idea for those who simply want to give a smaller token. These cut arrangements will last a few days, don't require much work and are reasonably priced through most florists. A bouquet is the perfect gift to bring on a date or to give to someone simply as a way to brighten their day. Bouquets are also popular for events where floral displays are expected. This is especially true for funerals where several people may send in flowers.

When to Send a Living Plant

A living plant or flower does make certain demands on the recipient. Although there are many plants which require very little actual care, it's important to choose one which fits the person you plan on giving it to. The real benefit of giving a living plant is that it becomes a gift which can last for years if cared for properly. This kind of floral gift can also become a cornerstone for a friendship or simply a milestone in and of itself.

For example, a college graduate who is given the living gift of a bonsai tree can still be maintaining and pruning that same tree when they celebrate their retirement. This kind of gift is truly the longest lasting and carries with it the potential for massive emotional impact.

Not sure? How About a Bit of Both?

There are floral arrangements which offer a mixture of both cut and living plants. The most common combination for this is a mix of bright hothouse flowers, cut and arranged around smaller discretely potted succulents or cacti. This mixed arrangement gives the immediate power of flowers in full bloom, with a beautiful low maintenance reminder for years to come.

The act of giving another person flowers is one that dates back almost as far as recorded history. In the 21st century the options for sending flowers are almost as varied as the blooms themselves. From local gift shops and florists to online dealers and websites, there is an overwhelming choice.

Floral arrangements can be sent as cut flowers which will live for several days, or as living arrangements which can be maintained for years. No matter what the style, the joy of receiving them will last even longer.

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