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Top Factors to Consider in Buying Cheap Washer Dryers

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A combination washer dryer saves space, time, effort and money. If space is an issue, a single unit washer dryer could be the ideal model. Itís a perfect fit for tiny apartments, bachelorís pads, trailers or summer cottages.

For people who are considering purchasing a washer dryer, answering a few questions will help them make the right decision.

How often is the laundry done: twice a week, three times per week, weekly, etc.?

On average, what is the amount of load per wash? How many loads does it take to finish the laundry?
After each wash cycle, are all the garments tumble dried or are some clothes taken out and hanged to dry?

A dual washer dryer is sufficient for the laundry requirements of individuals living alone, couples with no kids, or smaller families. For busy people, itís a time saver. Just load the clothes and select the appropriate settings for the wash and dry cycles. The clothes will be washed clean and tumble dried without the extra step of transferring the clothes from the washer to the dryer.

There are other important features to be considered when comparing washer dryer models and brands.

Wash and dry capacity

A combo washer dryer is usually built with a larger washer capacity than its dryer capacity. For example, some models have a 5 kg wash capacity with a 2.5 kg dry capacity, and heavy duty models have a 10 kg wash capacity and 7 kg dry capacity. The difference in wash and dry capacities may not be such a big deal, since an average wash load may include some ďhang to dryĒ garments.

Quick wash and spin speed, some washer dryer models have a quick wash option for small loads. Clothes are washed and dried in under an hour. This feature is perfect for wash and wear uniforms, frequently used clothes and favourite garments.

Spin speed is determined by revolutions per minute (rpm). Washer dryers have spin speeds ranging from 1000 to 1600 rpm. Faster spin speeds translate to drier clothes and less drying time. This is a plus factor for people who want to finish their laundry chores as quickly as possible.

Water and energy efficiency

Water and energy efficient washer dryer machines are eco friendly features that result in big savings on utility bills as well. Sensor drying detects when the clothes are already dry and automatically stops the dryer cycle, another energy and money saving feature. Models that are rated A for lower energy and water consumption are best. Smart systems and quiet performance

Technologically advanced washer dryer units are equipped with smart detectors. These intelligently built machines adjust the water to the level required for each load. They determine the right ratio of detergent to water.

Some washer dryers are designed with whisper-quiet motors and anti-vibration systems. These models create minimal noise and disturbance, and are ideal for houses with open plan floors. Washer dryer units operating under 50 decibels produce the level of sound similar to the hum of a refrigerator.

For people on the go who live in smaller living quarters, affordably priced dual washer dryers are the perfect laundry solution.

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