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Create beautiful office harmony with gunlocke’s new trio™ casegood collection

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Discover a Complete Office Solution That Offers Attainable Style without Sacrificing Individual Expression.

Gunlocke® proudly unveils yet another smart office solution, the Trio casegood collection. Designed to create harmony in the workplace by meeting the private office needs of an organization at every level, Trio does so without sacrificing the quality or craftsmanship that is synonymous with Gunlocke.
The breadth of the new Trio collection, paired with its scalability, translates into an exciting offering that creates an endless combination of refreshing and cohesive design configurations for any office, for any executive, from CEO to junior level manager. Components can be combined to create freestanding desk stations, U-stations, L-stations, double stations and even workwalls. This planning flexibility and wide range of mixed materials offered with Trio, such as veneers, paints, glass and plastic laminate combinations, translates into a casegood line that fulfills the need for organization and design synchronization throughout the entire office.
In addition to providing a level of sophistication in choices and the freedom to achieve a design vision for any office, the strong commitment to performance, quality, reliability and service rooted in the Gunlocke brand still remains. Industry leading tools, resources, programs and an experienced team that works together to maximize client success is the cornerstone upon which Trio was created.
“The Trio collection completes Gunlocke’s casegood product portfolio by providing a high-quality office solution that meets most any budget, but is still complete, coordinated, versatile and
refined,” said Jason Wolfanger, Gunlocke director of product management and development. “Trio is about choice, not sacrifice. By using a variety of mixed surface materials
and finishing options, virtually any design style can be achieved— from contemporary to transitional to traditional. This can all be accomplished without forgoing Gunlocke’s commitment to providing its customers with the highest quality service.”
Trio’s range of mixed materials reveals an extensive array of options. Wood or laminate tops are available and overhead storage is offered in wood or paint. Aluminum frame frosted glass doors can also be specified. The collection is available in a total of 11 wood finishes, including seven cherry, two maple and two walnut offerings, however custom order finishes can also be accommodated. Three painted wood choices are available, including soft white, muslin and loft. Eight matching work surface laminate colors are offered— five woodgrain and three solid colors. Edge details including square, channel and double reed are available, as well as three pull options that include bar, linear and sweep.
With the Trio line, Gunlocke continues its dedication to shrinking the environmental footprint left from its products as well as a commitment to providing substantial contributions to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design® (LEED) projects. Trio is created from approximately 87 percent pre-consumer and two percent post-consumer recycled content. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified models are available under Gunlocke’s FSC mixed credit system and compliance with the emission requirements under IEQ Credit 4.5 is standard through the use Gunlocke’s ClearTech™ and AquaTech™ finishes. Trio also utilizes energy efficient LED task lighting with individual controls to help contribute to EA Credit 1.1 and IEQ Credit 6.1, as well as reduce the total life-cycle energy consumption of the product.
For more information about the Trio casegoods collection or other Gunlocke products, contact 1-800-828-6300 or visit
About Gunlocke
The Gunlocke Company is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of wood contract furniture: casegoods, seating and tables. As it focuses on developing fresh, responsive new solutions for the workplace, the company carries forward a tradition of quality craftsmanship, technical expertise and conscientious customer service. The Gunlocke name is synonymous with design integrity, manufacturing excellence and enduring value. Eight U.S. presidents and leading decision makers in a range of industries have made the company’s products their choice.
Gunlocke has a growing North American presence, with showrooms located in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, New York City, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Toronto, Washington, D.C. and Muscatine, Iowa.

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