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Some Kitchen Colours That You May Not Have Considered

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Everyone likes to make their home feel unique and personal to them, but finding an unusual slant in decorating any room can be difficult.
The kitchen represents some unique challenges. The preparation and cooking of food requires cleanliness and a degree of attention to safety.
Not only this but any materials used in the design of your kitchen have to withstand heat and moisture. Happily though there are many ways to create a unique kitchen; here are a few suggestions.

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Rainbow Kitchen

If you are struggling to decide on a single colour theme then the idea of the rainbow kitchen may be just what you are looking for.
Paint each of your kitchen cupboards a different colour. Using the colour wheel you can either paint adjacent cupboards to contrast or match. It sounds a most unlikely design, but works surprisingly well as long as the rest of the kitchen décor is kept simple.
Lime washed wooden flooring, beech wood work tops and pale taupe walls will work well. In addition ensure all appliances are in simple brushed stainless steel.

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Lime Green

Lime green is another colour that seems an unlikely candidate, but you will be surprised at just how much of it you can splash around and still have a sophisticated look.
Cupboard doors and tile splash backs along with the seating can all be in the signature shade. Do make sure, however, that there is plenty of bright white in the form of work tops, kitchen furniture and blinds to bring the look together. Walls need to be subtle yet sharp, a mid-grey is ideal.
For the floor, white tiles with a hint to of grey will finish the look in style. Again all appliances including those built in must be in simple brushed stainless steel.

Extra Red

It may seem a little ‘avantgarde’ but red high gloss kitchens really do work. The secret is to keep the high gloss part as a relatively small, eye-catching central feature using the same tone of red for the wall the feature is on. The best way to achieve this is to have the hob and sink together and a continuous gloss red splash back spanning them both.

This can be achieved either with tiles or by using a clear glass splash back so as the red of the wall shows through, made gloss by the glass. All other walls, cupboards and work tops should be in satin white. Gloss red plastic kitchen chairs, a white melamine table and white appliances finishes the look.

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Mellow Yellow

Bright yellow is another great look that may not be an obvious choice. Shiny sunflower yellow cupboards, mid-grey walls and brushed stainless steel appliances give a really fresh and attractive look in natural light, but also have another trick up their sleeve.
Turn on low artificial light and the yellow instantly mellows to give a calm and soothing space in which to enjoy your evening meal.

Tamzin Johnson is an experienced writer having written for corporate publications, websites and printed media for over 10 years. She has written about some of the latest interior design trends ranging from
red high gloss kitchens through to the latest indoor furniture products.

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