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Top tips for designing your kitchen

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So youíve finally decided to rebuild your kitchen after planning for ages! Itís something of a dream for most homeowners to have a fabulous and unique looking kitchen fitted with the latest gadgets and complete with beautiful tile or wooden finishing. However, itís sometimes easy to get carried away in the excitement and forget about a few basic principles to keep in mind when undertaking a project of this nature. Hereíre some top tips for every homeowner who is considering a complete remodel of their kitchen:

1. Planning on paper: Whether youíre hiring a designer, or doing the job yourself, youíll never be happy with the end result if you donít know exactly how you want your kitchen to look in the first place. Make a rough model on a sheet of paper. While it is important for your kitchen to look beautiful, remember that itís even more important for it to be functionally efficient. A kitchen is after all basically a place to cook, and if you canít find your way around things but have a gorgeous marble slab, thereís really no point is there? So think functionality first, starting with the appliances- how can you fit in all your appliances so as to make the best use of space? What appliances do you absolutely need and which can you do without?

2. Ensure you have enough space for utensils: Most often, people underestimate the amount of pots, pans and cutlery they have. As a result, they eventually have to find storage space in the garage or elsewhere to accommodate everything. So while planning, make sure that you keep your cupboards and drawers large and deep enough respectively to accommodate everything. If you try to fit in too many things into your kitchen, the designers will inevitably start cutting from your cabinet and drawer space, and there certainly wonít be enough room left.

3. Location of the power sockets: Another common mistake is overlooking the locations where you want your power sockets. Naturally, these need to be placed according to the placement of the appliances in your kitchen. So you need to know exactly where each appliance is going. Kitchens with long extension cords look messy and unplanned, and are especially dangerous if you have small kids in the house who are likely to trip over them and get hurt. Also, if you do have children, itís best to have the sockets installed at a height at which they cannot be reached.

4. Choosing the right materials: For your counters, you need to choose wisely when it comes to the materials. Since they are going to be the most used and abused part, what with choppers and peelers all about the place, you want to choose a countertop material that doesnít scratch easily.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house, and everyone enjoys a fabulously built one. With these few simple tricks, you can make it one of the most special places where your family can gather and enjoy many meals together.

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