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Best mattress buying tips to avoid back problems

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We spend a large part of our lives sleeping, and therefore itís imperative to invest in the right mattress to suit ones specific needs. Most people with back problems can vouch for the fact that the main reasons for their condition are improper posture, lack of exercise and quite significantly- a bad mattress. If youíve slept comfortably, youíre more likely to have much more energy through the next day and get a lot more work done faster. If youíve slept wrong, youíll have painful cramps and pains in your back and neck, and youíll be in a foul mood. Here are some tips to keep in mind the next time you go mattress shopping:

1. There is no universal standard: People will often suggest that you go for very hard mattresses- the harder the mattress, the straighter your back will be is the logic. This is a complete myth and needs to be dispelled. There is no one ideal mattress hardness or material that works best for everyone across the board. Different body types need different kinds of mattresses. The trick is to find the mattress that makes you feel most comfortable and keeps your back straight.

2. Get all the information: Ask questions at the shop about the kind of coils that have been used in the mattresses. Inquire into the thickness of the mattress and the material of the stuffing. Itís a good idea to do some research on the various materials used for the stuffing, or the kind of springs used in mattresses, in order to find the benefits and drawbacks of each type.

3. Go for a test drive before buying! While you certainly canít spend eight hours sleeping on the sample mattresses at a shop, you can certainly try sleeping on a variety of different mattresses either at friendsí or relativesí houses to find the right one for yourself. At the shop, you can certainly lie on the sample mattresses for a short while before making a final selection. Both you and your partner should try the mattress simultaneously to make sure itís comfortable for both of you- otherwise you may want to try getting two separate single mattresses.

4. Look around a few places before settling for a mattress: Buying new mattresses is not a cheap affair, so you want to make sure you look around a couple of stores for the best value for money. Donít automatically go for either the cheapest or the most expensive mattress- neither may deliver the value youíre after. Instead, opt for the mattress that provides the most comfort at the best price. Itís also an idea to look out for seasonal sales and special offers on mattresses before investing your money.

While buying the right mattress isnít rocket science, itís a good idea to invest wisely not only to save money, but also to keep the health of your neck and back in top shape. Follow these simple tips and youíll be on the right track to finding the mattress meant for you.

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