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Know the Benefits of Constructing Wood Conservatories

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A conservatory is an addition to a home. A modern conservatory has glass walls held by either wood or plastics. Conservatories are used for creating extra space and are meant for recreational purposes. They grace homes' landscape.

Wood such as oak, teak, sapele, mahogany, meranti and others is used as a building material in conservatories. Though the use of wood in constructing conservatories is traditional, combining customized architectural style, paints gives conservatories a beautiful appeal. This article discusses the benefits of using wood as against the use of plastics in conservatories.

Thermally efficient

Transfer of heat from the interior of a conservatory to outside depends on the conductivity of heat from the material. Conservatories made from wood are good insulators. Therefore during winter season, such conservatories made do not allow heat to cross and provide warmer environment.

Wood avoids overheating during summer. Hardwood used in conservatories has five times greater thermal efficiency in insulating than other materials used in conservatories. This significantly reduces consumption of power for heating or cooling conservatory.

Aesthetic look

Though use of wood for conservatory is classical, any type of designs, paints finishing, and complex work can be done, which is not possible with other materials (plastics). Use of hardwood can give many choice of designs (Elizabethan, Edwardian, Georgian, Victorian, etc.) from aesthetic to customized architectural style. It provides better visual appeal and bright up whole house.

Use of wood in contemporary conservatories leaves an adequate space for installing glass, which is difficult in case of plastics. Providing space for glass allows more light. One can use different types of wood based on the amount that they can afford for constructing a hardwood conservatory. You can maintain these conservatories using specific micro-porous paints.

Environment friendly

Wood is an environment friendly and its production is less damaging to the nature. Replacing older plants for hardwood with new ones (plantation for hardwood) helps conserve natural environment. The recyclable nature of wood and its remains will not affect the natural environment in contrast to materials like UPVC and aluminum.

There are different varieties of wood for modern conservatories from low to high cost. Therefore one can construct wood conservatories based on their choice of wood, paint finishing and budget.

Low maintenance

Many varieties hardwood (oak and teak) come with natural resins that help the wood to remain stronger without any damage and last for centuries. Durability of hardwood comes from this ability to remain longer. This is an advantage over the use of UPVC which wears out in the long run.

When painted with oils or varnishes, even wood that is prone to rot can enhance its lifetime. This makes less maintenance for conservatories. Hardwood with advanced painting technology is rigid and weather proof. Even when under poor maintenance, weathering process will not impact the wood.

Comparable materials such as UPVC and other synthetic material, hardwood might be costlier. However, bearing that little extra cost, your conservatory is likely to last for life.

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