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Setting Up the Perfect Home Office

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Working from home is becoming more and more possible thanks to the Internet and new technologies. While it is easier than ever to work from home one of the main problems that must be overcome relates to productivity. You could have the best software that allows you to communicate with clients and colleagues but if you are constantly side tracked you are going to have problems. One of the best ways to help you stay motivated is to create the perfect home office.

A Place to Work

The first step to create the perfect working environment is decide where to locate your office. You must think about the way your family operates and the layout of the home. If you spend time on the phone talking to clients or your boss, you will need somewhere away from loud noises. You should find a quiet spot that is away from the hustle and bustle of family life, knocks on the door and barking dogs.

Another consideration is making sure the space has enough room and light to make it work well for you. Ideally the space has to be light and bright and have space for a desk, storage and other peripherals that youíll be using. Plus points to consider are a phone connection point and a strong Wi-Fi signal.

Pick the Right Colour

While you may think the colour on the walls is the least of your worries, it is worth decorating. There are some colours that are known to be more productive. You could keep it crisp and clean and stick to white walls but you need to feel relaxed and comfortable in the space too. Green is an excellent colour to choose as it can help you to get into that working zone and it provides energy.

A Place for Everything

You will find it a lot easier to function if the office is tidy. When you come to organising the layout itís vital that you have enough storage for all of the things you will have in your office. If you lack storage space, you will not be able to keep things organised. Make sure you have a place for everything from your staples to your files. Try to work in a quick tidy up at the end of each working day so that when you return in the morning you wonít be distracted by piles of paper work, dirty coffee mugs on the desk and an overflowing waste paper basket.

Buy the Right Furniture

Treat yourself to a new desk and an ergonomic chair. You will need quality office furniture as it can help you to avoid aches and pains and help to motivate you each day. Pick furniture that you like but above all else it must be designed for the type of work you are doing. The last thing you want is to suffer with a sore neck or lower back pain when you have a whole day of work ahead of you. The right office furniture and space will help you to feel motivated to work each day. Set up your home office to help you concentrate each day and stay out of the living room.

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