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Commercial lighting enhances the ambience of modern homes

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Interior designers are turning to a new source of lighting: commercial lighting. Consequently, domestic interiors are benefiting from even, adjustable lighting. Even better, by using commercial lighting in the house, home owners can save a substantial amount in energy consumption.

From workplace to home

For several years, commercial interiors such as those of shops, offices and warehouses, have been able to install large-scale light-emitting diode (LED) lighting. The potential benefits of commercial LED lighting over traditional lighting are considerable. They can include:
- Brighter, more evenly distributed and effective light.
- Improved cost efficiency.
- Dimmable (adjustable) lighting.
- Better temperature control (LED commercial lights do not emit large amounts of heat as traditional lighting can).
- Long product lifespan.

However, it is only recently that home owners and interior designers have begun to use commercial LED light fittings in household interiors. The good news is that the benefits that commercial lights bring to the workplace can be replicated in the home.

Home comforts

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using LED commercial lights is the quality of the light that they produce. This can be a bright, even illumination that leaves no detail hidden - which is perhaps why some of the earliest domestic use was in kitchens. However, having commercial LED lighting does not mean that light is unrelentingly bright, since most fittings can have a dimmer or other control mechanism attached.

This allows the user to adjust their lighting according to mood and requirement and to control the number of units that are lit at any time. When LED spotlights and downlights are used, this can be particularly effective.

Therefore, one could have a kitchen/diner that is brightly lit when food is being prepared (which is a good safety measure), but in which the lighting can be dimmed and adjusted to create the desired mood when food is served.

Other benefits include the fact that LED lighting can save 70% or more on domestic energy consumption - and the resulting costs.

Its thermal properties also mean that although the use of commercial LED fittings may give a better quality of light, they do not give out the level of heat that traditional lights do, therefore there is unlikely to be a problem with temperature control.

The lifespan of LED bulbs is also better than their traditional equivalents and when they do need to be changed, the process is very straightforward. Many existing home fittings will take commercial LED fittings, but if not then the relevant adjustments are simple, which means that the overwhelming majority of homes can benefit. Installation is generally fast and easy.

Variety of styles

There is no need for home owners to worry that commercial fittings will look too utilitarian or out of place in their house.

LED commercial lights come in a wide variety of fittings, including floodlights (just as suitable for domestic grounds as commercial), downlights, spotlights, strip lights and wall panels.

Wall panels are particularly versatile as they can be wall mounted, suspended or recessed, also if more than one is used in a room they give, like downlights and spotlights, a range of lighting options depending on which are lit and in what combination.

Given their many benefits, it seems likely that commercial lights will be used in domestic settings for many years to come. This is particularly true of commercial LEDs, which were initially expensive but like all new technology, have dropped in price as they have become more widely produced and established.

James Holden is the digital content manager of Visible Lighting and has many years’ experience in the LED Lighting industry. To find out more information on James Holden, you can follow him on Google Plus.

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