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Gift Your Toddler a Wooden Toy This Christmas

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You can always select ‘wooden’ toys for gifting your child a wonderful yet efficient toy that will help in his overall growth.

This special toy verity is ideal as present for toddlers during the festive season or birthday and other such important occasions. The ‘wooden’ toy is available for toddlers in a wide variety.

Few of these toys are discussed to help you with choosing the right one for your kid.

The Wooden ‘Pull Toy’ for Toddlers (12-18 months):

It is the tendency of children to start collecting things as soon as he learns how to crawl around and definitely ‘pull’ anything that attracts him towards himself. The range of ‘pull toys’ help him to have control over his world.

He now has the freedom to get his own toys and reach them by pulling these objects. This is something that is sure to give him a new adventure to fiddle with for some time.

The ‘pull toys’ that are based on wooden material usually consist of a group of or single animal provided with some ‘cord’ that the child can pull with ease. Your toddler can also take his ‘pet dog’ for a walk, taking full advantage of the ‘pull’ facility.

Your child’s developed crawling activities including perception of ‘depth and distance’ ‘eye-hand coordination’ as well as development of ‘motor skills are enhanced by these toys.

The Wooden ‘Pounding’ Toy for Toddlers (24-35 months):

The characteristic common in toddlers is the need to ‘pound’ things onto the floor. They tend to create noise through this process. It is due to the curiosity and eagerness that this experimentation is subject to everything that comes their way. And, when they gain the power to understand that ‘banging ‘ objects leads to noise, they feel the urge to repeat this process.

To save your household items from being destroyed in your child’s process of learning and also to keep him safe (that is primary) you can always consider investing in ‘pounding toys’ made of wood.

The profits associated with this investment include your child and the objects safety. You might also be surprised to know that the ‘pounding toys’ functioning is not just limited to making noise.

There are toys which are in the shape of a ‘ball track’ in which your kid can throw in a ball and watch the ball roll on the track and emerge from the bottom of the track. Such games will help him to develop his sense such as ‘small motor skills’, the ‘eye-hand coordination’ and understanding the concept of ‘cause and effect’.

‘Pounding toy’ variety also includes the ones which your kid can pound through like a ‘peg’ on both sides. Your child will surely enjoy ‘pounding toy’ when gifted one.


Go out for shopping and pick the wooden toy that you think will serve the purpose and make your toddler happy this Christmas. You will be doing yourself a great favor as your kid will spend most of his time with the new toy and learning something new while you can get some time to rest or make some delicacies for your family.

Summary: Wooden toys are great ideas for gifting toddlers. These toys play a significant role in developing the senses of your child.

Author’s Bio: Mary is a proficient writer who has expertise on the subject of toddlers and kids. She regularly contributes articles on topics like Baby Rattles UK and other children-specific subjects.

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