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Vend˘me Collection

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Vend˘me from designer Lorenzo Bellini, which is now being presented at the 2011 Milan tradeshow for the very first time, is an aesthetic furniture program which abstracts the classical structural elements and interprets them in a contemporary fashion. A very up-to-date collection is thus created in stylish design.

Vend˘me was inspired by the streams of the eighteenth century and the new horizons that were developed by the French decorators in the 1930s and 1940s. French flair and Italian charm are combined in a refined way. Its soul is classical, but forms and proportions are reinvented ľ combined with the use of contemporary materials and adapted to the needs of today with regard to design, comfort, and function. The collection comprises a large selection of individual pieces of furniture for all areas of home furnishing ľ from china cabinets to tables and chairs to sofas and beds.

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