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Using Mirrors in your Commercial Space

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Mirrors have been used for interior design for many decades. It did get pushed into the background through the 90ís and people were tearing mirror accents out of homes and commercial spaces alike. However mirror has made a comeback and, as the chaps at explain, is being used in a number of applications including commercial spaces.


Mirror was often used in elevators as an affordable, low maintenance finish for walls. It also helped open a very claustrophobic space. Mirror in elevators is also practical as it allows people on their way up to visit friends or for appointments in office towers to take a quick look at them selves.

Elevator foyers are another area mirrors can work well. If your office is reached via elevator you can consider adding mirror to the entrance to your office to open up the space as well as to reflect in natural light from the other area of the office. This is easily accomplished by using glass partitions and doors leading into the office and then behind the reception area to allow the light out into the elevator area.


Mirrors can work very well in the reception area of your business. You can place it behind the reception desk, on walls behind the waiting area or in halls leading to the back areas of the office.

Mirrors allow for a modern look as well as add a bit of fun glimmer and light. You can add a more glamorous look with etched mirror that can provide a mystical vibe or a more retro look. Bevelled mirror tile can also add an interesting retro feel.

Clever Reflection

Mirrors can be used to make a dull office brighter in two ways:

  1. Where windows are limited you can position mirrors to pick up the views from the little amount of windows you have. This will give the illusion you have more windows and offer window views in areas of the office that would otherwise be dark.
  2. You can use mirrors to reflect more natural light into the office. You can have mirrors facing the windows and then each other for an even more pronounced effect.


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Staff and public washrooms are an obvious place for mirrors but you can get a little more creative if you want to add a modern edge. Consider placing mirror on the wall when you walk into the washroom for a full length view for people to make sure everything is in order before heading back out to the office area. Mirror works well in dimly lit bathrooms as it can help reflect the light back into the room. For an ultra modern look consider adding mirror to the outside facing panel of the stall doors.

Open Space

Mirrors are the classic illusionist. They can be placed at the ends of halls or on large walls to double the look of your space. Consider using them as splashbacks in small kitchen spaces or common areas where staff have lunch and breaks. These are rooms where space is often at a minimum but that should be well designed to allow for optimum relaxation for staff to recharge.

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