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How To Buy Glass Gems For Your Craft Needs?

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There are different varieties of decorative glass gems available in the market for creating craft work. These glass gems are also known as accent gems or flat glass marbles.

These gems are capable of adding versatility to your art projects. You can use your imagination to produce sophisticated craft works using this glass gem. You can create decorative pieces, wall hangings, photo frames etc using this flat glass marbles.

If you are arranging parties in your home you can use it to decorate your glass vases, fountain area or your aquariums. You can sprinkle them on the table where you serve food and drink.

Choosing Which Glass Gems To Buy?

It is necessary to consider what you are going to do with the glass vase gems before you purchase them. Consider the design you are going to make and accordingly you can get the glass gems. For smaller designs you can use standard sized or small sized glass gems and for larger designs you can opt for larger gems. For filling glass vases it is better to use mini or standard sized glass marbles. You can decide the color and finish of the glass gems considering the design of the craft item you are going to make.

The best way to get the flat glass marbles for the craft work is to buy the item through online. There are many wholesale dealers on the net who will provide glass gems of varying color, size and texture. While selecting the glass gems make sure that they do not have air bubbles in it. This affects the quality of your craft work.

Selecting The Dealer

There are wholesalers who offer discounted vase gems for craft needs.

  • It is necessary to select the wholesalers for the glass gems carefully.
  • They should be reliable and should have a large collection of glass gems to choose from.
  • Look for wholesalers who do not require minimum orders to deliver the product.

It is necessary that the online dealer should have knowledgeable and friendly staffs to clear any doubts regarding the availability or use of a particular type of flat glass marbles.

Get Everything From A Single Dealer

Look for dealers who will be able to give quality and exclusive gems to make your craft unique. There are dealers who offer free delivery of the products. Try to get samples of the glass gems to make sure that you will be getting the right cored and textured flat marbles for your need. Understand how you should use the gems on different surfaces and what type of adhesives is needed for sticking these glass gems for various craft projects.

There are wholesalers of these glass gems who offer the gums for fixing these glass gems to different surfaces. Select wholesalers who will be able to deliver the product within 4-7 days after ordering the items. Wholesalers USA is website which offers good varieties of glass gems for the different craft making purpose

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