Great things to people (gt2P) is a Chilean studio in a continuous process of research and experimentation in production, technical, functional and aesthetic terms always in search of new proposals.

Its interest in the systematization of geometric, spatial, natural or artificial phenomena by identifying their variables or relevant parameters (geometry, size, material, etc.) allows creating generative algorithms that can control the form and function.
This focus on the systematization of knowledge allows accumulating the learning of all the projects in a “library” of DNA or rules of design, which are used in each new project. These are reproduced as many times as necessary on the scale which is required, as in architecture, furniture, objects, or interventions in public space, thus creating standard methodologies for non-standard solutions.

That is how the concept of digital crafting was born, based on the implementation of digital design methodologies and the experience and the know-how of Chilean artisans, who feed and contribute to qualify each “generative algorithms” or DNA. Through this concept gt2P has succeeded in communicating its ability to investigate, explore and experiment with new materials and processes, and integrate technologies CAD/CAM with traditional techniques and knowledge.