Giaretta was started in Dueville in 1933 as a workshop making/producing/manufacturing small pieces of furniture
and objects for the home. Production was subsequently transferred to the historic town of Montecchio Maggiore,
rich in traditions and legends as the one telling Romeo and Juliet s love which took place in Bellaguardia castle.

After the interruption due to the Second World War the business started again focusing on the furniture field/sector
with the acquisition and construction of the new manufacturing branches in Corno di Rosazzo (Udine) and San
Pietro di Morubio (Verona) and the logistic head office and central warehouse in Montecchio Maggiore.
Nowadays this organization is making possible to produce furniture unifying the qualitative and peculiar
features of Italian craftsmanship and the good service of a modern and dynamic company which is already facing the
international framework.