Founded in October 1996 by Susan Lee, Idearich is an integrated graphic and visual design firm in Taiwan. Idearich provides total image and visual solutions to our customers and has amassed a broad base of experience with a wide range of products over its 15 year history.

Because of “Love”, Idearich is defining trends in the hottest cultural and creative industry. “We want to bring the art into our daily life, and “LiiU” is making this dream come true.” Susan Lee said.

LiiU is the pronunciation of gift in Chinese. All of products including design and production by LiiU are relate to gift.

All of the art creation of LiiU is starting from love. The message of love that LiiU wants to deliver is to not only love the people around you, but also to love the Earth. We make environmentally friendly products to show our “Love” for the Earth.