Punkalive is a Finnish design company formed in 2009. Within a very short time it has achieved national and international recognition as the creator of new, natural design language. Punkalive’s all wood furniture, pavilions and interior elements have awakened the interest of design professionals as well as the admiration of the general public around the world: at the Milan and Cologne design and furniture expos, the Shanghai World Fair and the Home and Interior shows in Finland.
Transcending cultural boundaries

Punkalive’s retail network today already extends around Europe and is expanding beyond the confines of the continent – a clear indication of customers’ interest beyond cultural boundaries. The natural appeal of Punkalive’s products makes a beautiful and soulful complement to the very broadest range of interior styles and environments.
Sustainable development

Punkalive’s products bring their users close to the natural landscapes of the north. Both the design and production methods emphasize the principles of ecology and sustainable production. The raw material used is FinnForest’s Kerto®, a laminated veneer spruce. It is produced from certified Finnish spruce harvested in eastern Finland within a hundred kilometre radius of the Punkaharju production facility.

Just a kilometre from the home of Finnforest’s Kerto® production, Punkalive’s design products take shape in the family-run Punkaharju Puutaito production facilities. In practical terms there is no waste of natural resources in the computer-controlled production process. This means the company’s carbon footprint is limited and thanks to the toughness and durability of Kerto®, the end products will virtually last forever as practical furniture as well as shaping the interior environment.
Designers’ favourites

The combination of the raw material and the Puutaito’s uniquely developed production technology has greatly excited modern designers. The most recent addition to the design team is Karim Rashid, a world-famous industrial designer. This top designer, renowned for his productivity, has agreed to create a whole range of new products for the Punkalive collection.

Punkalive’s design team – Jukka Lommi, Raimo Räsänen, Kristina Magnitskaja, Jukka T. Tapio – is constantly working out new ideas that the vibrancy of Kerto® spruce veneer makes possible. Punkalive’s products bring together that special handcrafted feel with the finest traditions of industrial design.