Being a company in the furniture industry, which sells its products worldwide for over 66 years, is a daily challenge. For us at Stilles it means much more than just a business, as it represents a reflection of our knowledge, hard work and good business relationships with business partners. Successful business is the result of a combination of traditional methods, which are still used in business and continuous learning and application of new technologies.

Own product development and high level of manual processing is the approach followed since our establishment, when in 1945 Mr. Durn and his colleagues in Sevnica laid the foundation of today's Stilles. The selection of the best materials, creative design, quality manufacturing and a wide selection of fabrics and other accessories are our ongoing commitment to ensure the excellence of our products. In this way we meet our basic mission ľ WE MAKE WOOD TIMELESS.

Standard of quality of Stilles is passed on from generation to generation, providing what we in Stilles create with passion for over 66 years - high quality furniture. The high requirements imposed also suffice our suppliers, as they must meet clearly defined norms of quality, their products are carriers of all required certificates (flame-retardant, noise, environmental protection). Only then can we ensure the highest quality products to our customers.

We offer our customers high-grade furniture, both our own collection as well as modern furniture made on order for home, offices or hotel facilities.

Stilles Sevnica proizvaja masivno pohi┼ítvo, stilno pohi┼ítvo, Bidermajer pohi┼ítvo, Barok pohi┼ítvo, Barocco pohi┼ítvo, Empire pohi┼ítvo, Prestige pohi┼ítvo ter hotelsko pohi┼ítvo po naro─Źilu. Izbran masiven les, ro─Źno izdelano pohi┼ítvo, intarzije, rezbarije oz. rezbarjenje in prefinjen dizajn nas lo─Źujejo od konkurence. Ponudba je zaokro┼żena v celoto in obsega spalnice, jedilnice, dnevne sobe ter pisarne oz. pisarni┼íko pohi┼ítvo in pohi┼ítvo za hotele. Sestavni del Stillesove ponudbe predstavlja tudi: hotelska oprema, proizvodnja hotelskih sob, izdelava recepcij, izdelava stenskih oblog. Oprema hotelov s petimi in ┼íestimi zvezdicami predstavlja ve─Źino Stillesovega poslovanja.