Run by Jorge Perez-Martin, Brownrigg@Home is a thriving centre for antiques and interiors in Sussex, UK - relied upon by interior designers and antiques buyers alike.
Antiques - Brownrigg antiques, antique furniture, decorative antiques and painted antiques can be seen at our antique shops in Petworth and London. Antiques include European antiques, (mainly French antiques, Swedish antiques, Spanish antiques, English antiques) and collective decorative items. Antique furniture includes English furniture, French antique furniture, Swedish antique furniture, other Scandinavian antique furniture and of course wonderful Spanish antique furniture as Jorge Perez-Martin does indeed come from Spain.
We can also be seen at the well known Antiques and Decorative Fair and in various press articles and publications.
Finder Service - Our stock varies from conventional antiques to the most unusual items. If you are looking for specific piece that you cannot find on our web site use our antique finders services. We source antique furniture and other antiques from England Belguim, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Rumania and other Eastern European sources for antiques.
Location -
TETBURY - We have a magnificent antique shop in the historic Cotswold town of Tetbury, Gloucestershire. The shop is a beautiful large listed mid 18th century Georgian Town House at 44 Long Street, Tetbury. Tel 01666 500887. Open Monday to Saturday 10.30 until 5.30.
PETWORTH - We have antique shops in the historic West Sussex town of Petworth, renowned for its antiques in Petworth and a great attraction to lovers of antiques in Sussex and Surrey. Tel 01798 344321. Open Monday to Saturday 10.30 until 5.30.
LONDON - We have a large London showroom at 511 King's Road, London, UK. Tel 0207 352 7223. Two floors stocked with a selection of our finest pieces and is open Monday to Saturday 10.30 until 5.30. A wonderful destination for buyers of antiques in london.
Shipping Service - Transport and insurance can be arranged by us for any piece, regardless of it's size, to anywhere in the world.