We are RIZKI JATI FURNITURE INDONESIA, an experienced Furniture manufacturer and exporter dealing with the production of mainly indoor furniture made from teak wood, mahogany wood and reclaimed or recycled teak wood, located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia.
Rizki jati furniture is manufacture and seller of French and classic style we also sell and furniture auction from the other furniture factory at Jepara indonesia.
Rizki Jati furniture sell local indonesia furniture also. From teak wood for indoor and outdoor purpose.
To get a clearer map of product we sell, the product categorization is based on the used materials. For mahogany and teak wood materials, our products are as following: armoire, bed, cabinet, chair, chest, console, hallstand, gilded and painted mirror, table, chair and sofa. For reclaimed teak furniture made of recycled teak woods, the products are divided into two designs; plain design and rustic design. The plain design consists of following products: bedroom, bedside, bookcase, cabinet, coffee table, cupboard, dining table, dressoir, sideboard, TV stand and wardrobe. The rustic design consists of following: accessories, bar counter, bed, bedside table, bookshelf, cabinet, chair, chest of drawer, coffee table, console table, dining table, mirror, sideboard, TV cabinet.
Many of our products are reproduction versions of classic style furniture 17th century of indoor furniture and we can supply outdoor furniture as well. Each piece in the collection is built to endure the time by exceedingly artisans using only the finest grade of wood from sustainable, reforestation forest. As a customer, we are welcome to you whether you are wholesaler or retailer. We are also welcome to all customer to make custom design furniture in any designs.
To ensure the sustainability of quality, we only hire high skill craftsmen who know most about Jepara furniture and implement very tight quality control to our products from input, process and output. Thus, we can keep maintaining to deliver only high quality furniture to our customers.
We do care about the business sustainability in Jepara. That's why we need to inform all customers to be careful in conducting business with many similar suppliers on the internet. Please do not hesitate to investigate whether they conduct the business in legal manner. Make sure that they have their own warehouses since this is very important for every supplier.

Finally, no business exists without customers. We ensure customers' satisfaction by providing high quality furniture at affordable price. Thanks a lot, may you have a better experience with us in buying products from our collections consist of mainly indoor wooden furniture and outdoor furniture.