Acme Kitchenettes Corp., manufactures a full line of customizable compact efficiency kitchens combining refrigerator, stove and sink in one compact unit.
Acme has been in business for over 70 years. We have the knowledge and experience to manufacture a kitchenette of superior quality that is unique and dependable. We own the King Mini Kitchen name and parts business and continue to provide replacement parts and complete new kitchens. As you review this catalog you will discover how versatile we are.
Acme's Pledge

We are committed to providing the best kitchenette in the industry at a very competative price. Our sales and service people are dedicated to customer satisfaction and provide fast and reliable service.
Customize Your Kitchenette

Acme can manufacture to suit your needs. We are very flexible in the design and construction of our product. We manufacture standard sizes in the industry as well as custom sizes. We offer our countertops in stainless steel , laminate or solid surface. We also manufacture a full line of Barrier-Free kitchens for handicap accessibility. In this catalog we are introducing our Combo-Serv and Guest Bar units for the hotel industry.