Mike + Ally is the preeminent designer and manufacturer of luxury bath accessories. One of the few remaining bath companies to manufacture in the United States, Mike + Ally accessories are custom made by trained artisans using proprietary techniques. Each piece is meticulously hand enameled and then embellished with semi precious stones and metal ornaments.

Mike + Ally products take on their own character - their eloquent looks distinguish them from all other bath collections. A typical wastebasket requires 1 week production and a Pave wastebasket is adorned with over 4,000 hand set crystals.

Collections decorate the palaces of royal Princesses, private yachts, boutique hotels and luxury residences around the world. You can view Mike + Ally products at Harrods (UK), Beymen's (Istanbul), Kuan's Living (Taipei and Shanghai), Bloomingdale's (Dubai), Gingers (Toronto), Lane Crawford (HK) and Neiman Marcus (USA).