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Once upon some time, there was this Dutch bum that lived under a bridge that was near a lantern that was on the corner of a narrow street that lead to an open park with dogs chasing balls and sticks thrown by regular ordinary dog owners that do not sit on the grass because it is a quite moist type of grass and they don't want to soil their khakis. On a certain sunny morning under that very same bridge this Dutch bum, who shall remain nameless because his mother might find out, found an old empty bottle of hard liquor right beside his old rusty bicycle that he used as a pillow. “Tough luck” one might say, because a full bottle of hard liquor would have been the nicest breakfast since his last supper. Nevertheless, he considered himself lucky, since he was a positive-minded man who always looked at the glass as half full, although the glass was always half full with poison, most of the time. Right before he threw something at his girlfriend to wake her up, he realized there was a really old-looking, thin scroll of paper inside the empty bottle, that turned out to be not so empty after all. It was the first time he ever found a message in a bottle, and he didn't even know about that song by The Police since the only Sting he knew was from a bee.

When he finally found a way to get the scroll of really old-looking paper out of the bottle, like a monkey that finds out that he can reach the ants deep in the hole of a tree trunk by using a twig, he discovered that the scroll was covered with doodles, sketches, and a lot of text that looked like hieroglyphics to him, although he had never dated Cleopatra or even visited Mexico to actually know what hieroglyphics look like.