Sakwa and NextStep by KT GROUP A/S is a Danish company producing various kinds of comfortable bean bags and chairs for everybody with a sense of good design and fine details.
The chairs are made in a variety of shapes and colours - following the trends of today. With a wide range of products we make chairs to meet every taste.
KT GROUP A/S is one of the leading producers of bean bags and we are presenting a collection constantly renewed to reflect the consumers’ expectations to modern design and high quality.

Our bean bags are filled with small beans made of 98% air and 2% polystyrene. The EPS balls are controlled several times a day to ensure a high and stable quality. The quality of our EPS beans is further secured by the fact that we use only new raw material for the production to know the exact content of the material. Our EPS beans are in this way constantly controlled to avoid harmful contents. We only accept suppliers who are able to document that the raw material is not made with HBCD. The beans are absolutely harmless to your health even if you by accident should eat them.

We never use regenerated EPS waste or EPS granules, as we have no possibility to guarantee the origin of that kind of material and ensure that there are no harmful contents.

The filling makes the bean bag follow the shape of your body when you are seated. The EPS beans absorb your body heat and leave you with a pleasant temperature while sitting in the bean bag.