Wall Street Trading Desks Inc. designs and builds trading room furniture and flat screen adjustable monitor arms for banks and brokerage firms in the United States and Europe.
Our firm is founded on the principle of delivering high quality goods and services in the time agreed for the amount agreed. Some of the benefits of working with Wall Street Trading Desks, Inc. as your vendor are:

A company executive is involved in every project – no matter how large or small. You speak directly with the decision makers. Most companies don’t offer this level of service. How can this be? It’s simple. We are selective in the new projects we undertake and only commit to work that we know we can complete on time and on budget. Once you are a client of Wall Street Trading Desks, Inc. you will always be a client of ours. We will aid you in any on-going changes to your room as you require.
Our company specializes in Trading Rooms, Network Operation Centers (NOCs) and Command/Control Consoles. Our resources and expertise are focused on multiple screen desking systems. The staff at Wall Street Trading Desks, Inc. offer more experience in desk systems than any other furniture firm in this highly specialized area.
We are a golden rule company – we treat our clients, our vendors and our employees as we would like to be treated. This simple philosophy has served us well and helped us grow our business over the years.
Desk systems built with quality and economy in mind. Wall Street Trading Desks, Inc. manufactures desks to meet almost any need. Whether you are looking for a quality product on a tight budget or you are creating a showplace – we have the expertise to make your vision a reality.
Modular and flexible design allows you to keep up with changes in technology without the expense of new furniture.
Our desks are always available. We maintain a complete archive of the desks you ordered. Whether you chose a standard desk line or a customized line, we can re-supply it. In addition, we have a “Matching Program”. We will match the desk style, size and finishes for a client who can no longer utilize their original supplier because the desk was discontinued. This allows you to expand your room without going to the expense of replacing all of your furniture.
We do things on time for the agreed amount! It’s that simple. We make extraordinary efforts to fit into your team of architects, consultants, designers, IT managers, general contractors and end users to make the transition to your new floor seamless.