Founded as Union Woodworks in Warren, Vermont in 1971, WallGoldfinger (named after two Union Woodworks principals, John Wall and Michael Goldfinger, in 1981) is celebrating 40 years of continuous growth. The company evolved from a small, decidedly local, woodworking shop focused on residential projects to a nationally known builder of the finest high-end custom corporate furniture. We have become a full service manufacturer working with designers and clients from the very earliest conceptual stages of a project, providing technical advice on materials and construction, illustrating concepts and options with state-of-the-art computer graphics, and shepherding projects through the entire fabrication-to-installation process with an experienced team of professional project managers. At its inception a traditional woodworking shop using veneer and solid lumber, WallGoldfinger is now recognized as a masterful integrator of other materials as well. These include marble and granite, stainless steel, aluminum and bronze, glass and plastic, and leather and artificial leather. Products incorporating these materials range from elaborate custom boardroom and conference tables to our “Arbor” line of lightweight reconfigurable tables to credenzas, lecterns and reception desks. WallGoldfinger has been particularly aggressive in integrating the latest electronic and mechanical features into its work: monitor lifts, retractable microphones, unique power and data access hatches. This technical expertise makes WallGoldfinger the preferred source for the most sophisticated and complicated designs.

Originally, WallGoldfinger’s marketing efforts covered light commercial and residential work in central Vermont. Now, almost exclusively, our work is out of state, with major corporate, institutional and government clients in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington. We have also done important projects in Chicago, Charlotte, Houston, Los Angeles and in places as far away as Seoul, Cairo, London and the Cayman Islands. Much of our work has been for internationally known financial firms and law firms and other prestigious clients include the White House, the New York Stock Exchange, the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations. More on WallGoldfinger’s clients and the important design firms we work with can be found elsewhere on our website.