Krøger A/S was founded in 1922.
The range, which includes Manual and Pneumatic Caulking Guns for any application (cartridges, sachets or bulk pack), is manufactured at our factory in Denmark .

Offering a range of excellent standard products, as well as a constant product development and surveillance of the market, we are able to meet any of your various requirements.
Customer Co-operation

In close co-operation with manufacturers of sealants/adhesives and professional end users, we meet even very specific requirements.

Adaptation and flexibility are key words for our product development. We offer you the possibility of differentiating yourself in relation to your competitors by designing our products as your trade marks.
Delivery Reliability

Delivery time is an important issue to our customers.

As a manufacturer, we offer high reliability on deliveries and arrange for correct and customized labelling of our products. With these performances we have been appointed A-supplier with Europe ’s leading distributors of Caulking Guns.

More than 90% of our total production goes to export , and we handle all types of consignments from full load containers to small express parcels.