At Goebel & Co., our hand-built furniture originates from the divergent worlds of hand craft and digital technology/manufacturing, which converge to yield a product of uncompromising quality and repeatability. All of our products are manufactured in America. Our designs are conceptualized and evolved as 3-D computer models, allowing us to break our designs into highly accurate component files, which are then either produced in-house or sent for manufacturing at various regional sub-contractors.

With the purchase of any single piece of Goebel & Co. Furniture, you are supporting many local businesses. Once components are made to tight tolerances outside our shop, we bring them back in for assembly and finishing. By utilizing existing regional manufacturing infrastructure, and creating in small batches, we are able to utilize millions of dollars of hyper-accurate, computer-controlled machinery without passing the cost of owning those machines or highly skilled labor on to our clients.

Our team's background in hand crafted furniture, digital technology and manufacturing combines to deliver superior quality furniture with superior user experience.