Spinder Design sets the trend in the design, third-party production and sale of design furniture and home accessories. Sleek lines, sturdy materials and bold designs characterise our products. We design the products ourselves, plotting our own course in the process. The result: a unique, powerful collection, with that slightly distinctive element which separates it from the rest.

Metal is the most important basic component in our design products. By combining metal with old wood, we create a rugged, modern look. A look that fits in nearly any interior. We follow the latest trends and anticipate them, putting our own spin on these trends.

Our dining room tables, dining room chairs, furniture series and coat racks are uncomplicated and honest in their appearance. We try to retain as much of the natural character possible of the materials we use. In addition to appearance, function is also important to us. The productís intended purpose and the customerís wishes are top priority at Spinder.

The close relationship we have with our customers forms the foundation for our success. Reliability and a customer-oriented attitude are of paramount importance to us. We take market demand and translate it into high-quality products which are enduring and pure.