You can plan in success. Success is so simple. Quality, extraordinary design and technical innovation without compromise.
How it all began

In the beginning...
... it was just a thought Martin Schnepel had, a thought that gradually took shape.
The year 1969 saw the foundation of

the Schnepel family business. Martin Schnepel had this gift of seeing a trend and
quickly acting on it. The business saw its first achievement in manufacturing
innovative TV furnishings shortly after it was founded, its creative solutions debuting
to a specialist audience at the 1975 Funkausstellung radio exhibition.

The company started in the best tradition of a garage business, but grew too big
for the garage in the early Seventies so the business premises moved into a former
joinery. Modern office and production facilities were built in the Hüllhorst/Oberbauerschaft
industrial estate in 1976.

How it continued

The following years saw the company grow into a leading supplier in furnishing
systems together with Vogel's, the definitive experts in support systems for audio
and video appliances.

The here and now

The company's founder, Martin Schnepel, is preparing for a new generation;
his sons Kai, Lars and Sven have been shareholders in the Schnepel company
since January of 2008, having long since taken responsibility for the company's
finances, staffing, sales and production. The company's current production range
runs from flat-screen brackets to projector solutions to complete home AV furniture
systems, with a highly developed national sales network to ensure a full-coverage
sales concept in an optimised structure.

Into the future

Flat. Flatter. Flattest. We're witnessing an unstoppable boom in large-format displays
just waiting to find their way onto your living room wall. Fast reactions to this market
have boosted growth again and again, and there's another thing giving cause for
optimism for our new leadership – the market for flat-screen brackets and furnishings
is right at the beginning of its development.

Plus X Award for the X Line

The company came away with the coveted Plus X Award for the X Line product innovation
the very first time it joined the competition. "This award is a great way of showing
recognition for all the work This has boosted our motivation in keeping to our current
strategy," said the management.

Inspiration for your personal style of living

We at Schnepel give you individual, innovative solutions in multimedia furnishings.
Make your choice from our wide selection, and pick what's best for you. We're sure that
our quality workmanship, design without compromise and attractive pricing will give you
a solid basis for satisfaction. We at Schnepel have made it our mission to do more than
meet increasing demands.

We've increased our range, adding to our X and ELF Lines... See for yourself.