Acclaim Office Furniture has been established for over 20 years as a distributor of quality office furniture.

We are located in new premises on Sydney's lower north shore at Chatswood and have a large modern showroom with ample parking outside the showroom.

We are a service orientated family business that aims to respond quickly to our client's needs. Our clientele is very extensive. It ranges from major multinationals, public companies and government instrumentalities to small home office businesses and retirees wanting to have a comfortable environment to manage their financial and business affairs. All are important to us. We have personal business experience in working for large corporates, which gives us a good understanding of your office requirements in today's demanding office environment, on a technology driven global stage, where product life cycles can be remarkably short.

We have extensive alliances with furniture suppliers with an emphasis on quality Australian products, covering most Australian states and territories. We know their strengths and weaknesses and can deliver the right products to our clients based on quality, style, budget and personal requirements. Many of our clients require highly customised products, which we encourage. We play a proactive role in recommending the appropriate furniture for our clients needs: this typically involves site visits, interaction with decision makers and detailed quotations with options.

We have a loyal customer base with excellent repeat business patterns. We try very hard to keep service levels high at all times.


We pride ourselves in a high level of service to our clients. This covers a wide range of aspects of the office environment, including inter alia:-

(i) site visits, working with real estate agents, interior designers and architects with a view to making appropriate suggestions on a whole range of office furniture, fabrics, layout requirements, seniority of staff, functions performed by staff, budget, client specifications.

(ii) providing detailed quotations with options according to client circumstances and requirements.

(iii) working closely with our suppliers to ensure quality standards and specifications are met, as well as timely delivery.

(iv) installation by experienced people

(v) post delivery site visits as required to address issues that arise

(vi) providing loan furniture at no cost so that clients can function
immediately in their chosen new office premises

The principals each have 20 years experience working in a range of corporate environments covering multinationals, public companies and small/medium size enterprises as well as home offices. Each client type has their own way of going about their office furniture purchasing, which we understand from our experience in corporate life and with existing previous clients.