Concept Office Interiors mission:

To be the absolute preferred Design and Construction Company of Commercial interiors in Victoria.
Develop a highly skilled, innovative and harmonious team focussed on producing design and construct outcomes which exceed our clients specifications.
To be the absolute best place to work in our industry for staff and stakeholder.

We practice what we preach:
It may not come as a complete surprise but the work we do in our office week out and week in is far more productive if the work takes place in a well designed office. A well designed office signals the values and objectives of the company and use of design in office interiors communicates a company’s values and identity. So why is it that so many companies still stuck with boring, unattractive and ultimately unproductive office designs? In most cases as always it comes down to two factors, office design cost both money and time. But these are short sighted costs.
Good workplace design can make a big difference in staff satisfaction, attraction, motivation and retention.

A study by the commission for Architecture and the Built environment and British Council for offices has found even simple things such as good lighting and having adequate daylight can reduce absenteeism by 15 percent and increase productivity by between 2.8 and 20 percent.

The average office space used to be 70% cubicles and 50% collaborative or shared space. Today that equation is 55% cubicles and 45% shared space. In the agile office, a hybrid solution often works best: small private rooms for concentrated work.

Concept Office Interior designs are pragmatic with a sharp focus on function and form as well as being highly mindful of costs.