The international top brand De Ploeg stands for high-quality, traditionally crafted curtain and upholstery fabrics that are produced at their own facilities. The collections of woven and printed fabrics are fully coordinated and the rich tradition of the brand is deliberately portrayed in a totally unique and innovative vision of interior design for both consumers and the project market. This is achieved by striving to enliven today’s interiors with sensorily interesting accents that effectively combine material, colour and design while, at the same time, expressly combining tactility with functional creativity. In addition to the crucial criteria of use and quality, De Ploeg's market approach explicitly revolves around service.

De Ploeg has been well-known to the Dutch general public as a weaving mill and supplier of curtain and upholstery fabrics since the nineteen fifties. At the start of the nineteen sixties, De Ploeg was one of the most important designers of the Good Living concept. From this concept, cooperation arose with architects, curtain specialists and furniture manufacturers, such as Gelderland, Leolux, Vitra, Cor, Artifort, Gispen and Pastoe.

De Ploeg: design back then

Through the years, De Ploeg has worked with many dedicated and committed designers, for both its fabric collections and its product presentations. Through their search for modern living, these people have had a large influence on how the general public perceive De Ploeg and present-day design since the nineteen fifties.

De Ploeg: now

designed for people

De Ploeg’s designers think and work according to the original principles. They design fabrics in the spirit of the search for modern living. They innovatively react to the contemporary need for security, modernization and comfort. The basis is designing fabrics for people, where functionality, innovation, tactility and textile as a form of self-expression are of the utmost importance. We also look at the situation through the eyes of the interior designer. The possibility to combine our products helps architects and designers.


De Ploeg is currently involved in a number of new projects, including:

Big Wool and Good Basics

Recycling the old collection and yarn spun from old newspaper

Functionals; reflection, transmission, outdoor en wet care

Colour concepts / inspire architects.

De Ploeg: the future

De Ploeg is working on developing good materials to produce quality and design that you will be satisfied with. This is something we wish to succeed in.

From the very beginning, De Ploeg has worked with honest materials and has had a distinct approach towards design and the world around us. During the development phase of our fabrics, we take the following things into consideration:

Conscious design, timelessness, integrity and innovation.
The conscious use of raw materials and production processes.
The conscious deployment of people, optimal comfort, people-friendliness and safety.