Hardwood Floors Inlays Hardwood Floor Medallions Hardwood Floor Borders Hardwood Floors Renaissance Floor In-Lays is designing and creating custom hardwood floor inlays since 1989. It has won 10 National Awards,.We have 170 different patterns. They come in forms of : medallions, panels, parquets, borders, and wall paneling in wide variety of wood species. Please see our art of marquetry.

Wide variety of our in-lays have been used in United States for last 20 years to enhance hardwood flooring as decorative touch to plank flooring, hardwood parquets or even marble floors. As laminate hardwood flooring manufacturers made their presence strong in recent years our in-laid medallions, borders and panels are also made to match any laminate hardwood floor, available also as prefinished product. Our standard in-laid hardwood floor medallions, borders, parquets and panels are displayed on further pages of this website, however apart from the standard patterns our best, Award Winning work evolves from Custom designed hardwood floors. It is our honor to create one of a kind medallion, panel, border, entire room or a house, as well as executing ideas of our clients to achieve that unique final result. Some of the standard patterns are often offered on sale.