Louis and Company was founded in 1975 with the goal to cater exclusively to the cabinet maker and furniture manufacturer. The product range was assembled based upon what professional woodworkers used, needed and wanted. Over the last few decades, delighted customers have made Louis and Company flourish by embracing that original philosophy.

In 1997, the company's success attracted the attention of Professor Reinhold Würth of The Würth Group - a worldwide distribution organization serving the wood, automotive and metal industries. Würth took over his father's small wholesale screw business in 1954, turning over the company’s leadership to his daughter, Betina, in 2006. Since becoming a member of The Würth Group, Louis and Company has grown to 18 locations around the Western United States, staying true to its fundamental vision to cater exclusively to all who work with wood.

Louis and Company is much more than simply a wholesale distributor of woodworking supplies. Louis and Company continually strives to make your customer experience the utmost in convenience:

* Questions answered by highly trained service representatives
* On-time deliveries from company owned and operated fleet
* Machinery Installation/Maintenance from factory-trained Technicians
* Credit options: in house financing*, leasing or installment payments