Brado represents the state of the art in the field of office chairs components.
Brado offers module based solutions to simply make a better chair: more pleasing, more comfortable, more functional and better for your health. Over 20 years of frank and enthusiastic exchange with both customers and suppliers cement the foundations of our extensive and complete catalogue in fact, our catalogue is inexhaustible, open as it is to the customization of each and every item.

Brado products are the fortunate outcome of practice and creativity happily married and working together within an expert and harmonious team enjoying the support of the most advanced technologies and providing top level customer service, the pride of our company.

Brado operates within the strictest, highest standard of ecological friendliness for the safeguard of the environment and the respect of life worldwide. Brado's products and services are available all over the world thanks to the Twins Group global network, of which Brado is a partner.

Brado's solutions always provide the right quality for your time at work; this is possible because work at Brado, just like the surrounding landscape, reflects a human dimension where man is the measure.

Brado helps to improve the workplace, because Brado is a good place to work.

Brado spa progetta e produce componentistica per le sedie da ufficio. Dispone di un catalogo di componenti modulari ampio, vario e collaudato. Ha sede a Bigolino di Valdobbiadene (TV)