Trinatura is a pioneering company founded in Buttisholz (canton of Lucerne, Switzerland) in 1994 – the year in which it launched its comprehensive sleeping system for healthy, pleasant, and peaceful nights. The know-how contributed by physicians, therapists, and wood experts helped create the Trinatura sleeping system that is versatile enough to satisfy the needs of not only normal sleepers but also those with sleep disorders.

Our core philosophy at Trinatura has and will always be to offer the best quality of life through healthy and restful sleep for a tranquilizing counterbalance to one’s daily grind. We also appreciate the value of working with natural materials that carry our full guaranty, and which we transform into products designed to offer equivalent amounts of health, pleasurable sleep, and aesthetics. The term natura, embedded in the name of both our company and products, reflects our respect for nature. We make a special effort to handle resources responsibly, at every stage of our activities ranging from the deployment of materials, through production, to the choice of our partners.