Rent home appliances and furniture with Mr Rental and you can have that new TV, fridge, washing machine or home entertainment system now; and when you need to, you can upgrade it or upsize it anytime you like! Mr Rental's story started in 1983 when founders Glen and Kerrianne Hickman moved to Bribie Island, an hour north of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, Australia.

Little did they know this was to be the start of their internationally successful franchise business.

Together they started their first business venture a local video library. To compliment their video rentals they started renting appliances such as VCRs and TVs to customers as well, they soon realised they were making more from appliance rentals than they were from video rentals!

They were filling a need in the market for appliance rentals; they saw the opportunity to fill this gap, sold the video store and in 1991 opened the first ever Mr Rental.

For ten years, this enterprising husband and wife team built their business in their local community, over this time developing and optimising their operations and Mr Rental systems.

In 2001 they took the bold move to start franchising, with a vision for Mr Rental to become 'the world's first choice in home appliance renting'.

Within two years they had over 30 stores renting home and office appliances throughout New Zealand and Australia and just 8 years on have grown the business to over 60 stores. In 2006 Kerrianne Hickman won the Franchise Women of the Year QLD / NT award.

And last year in 2008 Mr Rental won Emerging Franchise of the year in Australia and Retail Franchise System of the year in New Zealand.

Both Glen and Kerrianne remain actively involved in their business with a firm commitment to their original vision that still stands today and underpins every aspect of the business.

"Our customers will always remain our focus and our aim is to continue to Keep Life Simple! For our Franchisees this means offering people a great business system based on recurring revenue that offers a work/life balance that many other franchise systems cannot. And for our retail customers, offering the latest home appliances always at affordable prices all delivered and installed FREE in 24 hours. Renting from us just makes life simpler!" said Glen.

In 2007 The Rentalís arrived and Mr Rental and his family now spend their days sharing with all of us, the benefits of renting and why it really is the easiest, most affordable way to have what you and your family need when you need it!