König has an unequalled level of experience in dealing with repair techniques and surface materials. Our aim is to continue developing new and more sophisticated solutions for a variety of specific repairs. Being a provider of niche products, we do not deal with mass markets but, work closely with the experts in various markets. By tradition we maintain the advantages of a medium-sized company, the dynamic force and flexibility to operate in an innovative way while staying close to the needs of our customers. Due to this unchallenged competence there is a worldwide demand for our products.

König’s strategy is not in the first place growth-oriented, we rather have qualitative targets – to increase the benefit and to improve the quality of our products as well as to keep both our staff and customers satisfied. We enjoy coping with small and big challenges. Being a ‘problem solver‘ we regard it as our task to be always up to date on the development of both surfaces and materials. That is why we are working closely with our customers to steadily improve our products and to work out solutions for new surfaces, making use of more than 100 years experience.