Manufacturing since 1990 with the highest standard of quality and following the international billiard tables building rules, Carlos Teofilo Billiards brand, distributed by our Company day after day strengths its position in the national and international Pool, Snooker and Carom market. Using raw materials from the best origins, we reach this way, the highest levels of quality, which allows us to provide to our Clients a Life Time Warranty product, like all the other brands we represent, Brunswick, Valley and Tornado, no doubt another best value to our illustrious Clients. Concerning to the Pool Table market, we represent Brunswick, the worldwide brand Queen and of course the right choice to those who search Distinction, Quality, Durability and Refinement in a Pool table. In Brunswick, we also certify our technicians related to the project development and production of the Carlos Teofilo Billiards.

Still talking in Pool, but specially directed to the coin operated products, appears Valley, brand which one we don't need to present it nowadays, such the recognition worldwide of its quality and durability for 50 years of manufacturing, and when we're talking about strenght/quality in a Pool Table, of course we're talking about a Valley Pool Table.

At the moment, with our market knowledge enrichment as well our human resources and available technology, we also have our Bowling Department, Department with the aim to transform the dream of some people in a reality. In this Department we develop your project of building a Familiar Leisure Center, developed by the best and certified technicians in the Bowling Leisure and Competition market. No doubt, representing the Via Bowling products, gave us even more experience and responsibility in this Leisure and Competition area.

In the Sports Competition Events, for example, we usually support events like ITSF Soccer Table World Cup (taking place every year in Nantes – France) where we install 20 Tornado Competition Table, International Pool Championships (Portugal and Spain) installing Brunswick Pool Tables for the competition. We also use to support National Pool season competition, installing the final Arena where the Annual playoffs will take place and qualify also to the VNEA World Championships held every year in Las Vegas, NV, USA, through our VNEA Charter Holder Nr.

In this area, we also use to support much more League Finals and Events from Portugal and Spain, since we're talking in honest organizers and people whom main aim is to develop the Pool practice. This way we also offer the highest playing conditions to those who started now, with the experience of our own Staff, with large experience in events and leagues organization, for more than 20 years.Still talking in Sports Competition, in the Bowling Sports, we support also some European players, supplying them the highest quality accessories and equipment.

This is way we've been growing up since 1990, year after year and we hope still doing it better and better with the aim of providing the Best Product and Service to our Clients.
After these words above, it will be our enormous pleasure to welcome you to one of our showrooms, where you'll be received by a specialized technician who'll help you in your choice.

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