Wayne-Dalton Residential and Commercial garage doors and openers. About seventy miles south of Cleveland lies Holmes County and Mt. Hope, Ohio, a picturesque farming community steeped in Amish tradition. There's a hardware store, a post office, an auction barn, a handful of neatly kept homes, thousands of acres of rolling farmland, and one world-class garage door and opener company.

Since its inception in 1954, Wayne-Dalton has become known as a company with innovative ideas which far exceed industry standards. Often, Wayne-Dalton is the only source for the latest garage door and garage door opener features. Because the company has always maintained a staunch commitment to developing innovative new products, Wayne-Dalton is now a world leader in the garage door and garage door opener industry.

Located in Holmes County, Ohio, Mt. Hope is in the heart of the largest Amish community in the world. Beautiful rolling hillsides with picturesque views reflect a quieter, simpler way of life which is still very much in practice today.

Largely due to its Amish heritage, Holmes County is home to many proud craftspeople who make cabinets, desks, chairs, quilts and a myriad of hand-crafted items. The area is well known for its many quaint restaurants, gift shops and cheese houses.

Holmes County is also home to Wayne-Dalton's world headquarters, which sits just across the street from its original site. Consisting of 50,000 square feet of tinted glass and steel, the facility won statewide architectural recognition for its design and how well it was integrated into the rural countryside. The company's 900,000-square-foot manufacturing facility is also located here. From its windows, views of the Amish farmers working three-horse teams serve as a constant reminder of the practical values, craftsmanship and work ethic which has contributed so much to our own success.

Surrounded by numerous historically significant buildings and landmarks, the Amish community peacefully labors side-by-side with its corporate neighbor. Traditions and lifestyles, both new and old, are respectfully blended to maintain the natural setting. - a place of tranquillity, equal to, but far away from the hectic, modern world.