LEED, LEED inspired design, eco-friendly construction, sustainably sourced materials, solar heat, integrated with the environment, habitat & humanity, Lakefront Property, Waterfront Property, Klamath Lake, Wetlands, Mt. Shasta, Watershed, Birding, Birdwatching, Kayaking, Upper Klamath Lake. Founded by Jim & Stephanie Carpenter in 1981, Carpenter Design provides blueprints & support to construct your very own Pyramid Greenhouse and other naturescape products.

We are actively involved in ecosystem restoration & preservation in the Klamath Basin of Southern Oregon, and are currently working with the Division of State Land, Corps of Engineers, State & Federal Fish & Wildlife Offices, City & County Governments & the State Historical Preservation Office on a number of related environmental projects.

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Carpenter Design was formed to protect & reintroduce wetlands & other natural resources to the earth around us. For more information see our sister site at Birding & Boating.com
All of our products are designed with an Earth first mentality. From our complete line of Health Care products, to our greenhouse construction plans, all are designed to promote a healthy environment.

Being "Green" starts at home, and what better place to start than with a Pyramid Greenhouse.

These plans will help to ensure that you will be able to grow top-quality produce and houseplants in your own backyard.

This image shows a 12' Pyramid Greenhouse with the door open. The structure seen above ground is mirrored below the ground, not only to increase usable space, but also to tap into the earth's own natural energy.

The lower half can be shelved to accommodate many levels of different size plants.