Stained Glass Knob and Pull Decorative Hardware for Cabinets. Nestled in the quiet hills of Southeastern Wisconsin's Kettle Moraine, stained glass is being transformed into individual pieces of decorative art.
Glace Yar Stained Glass Design combines tradition with innovation using the timeless art of stained glass, a symbol of elegance for generations to create fashionable mosaic cabinet knobs and drawer pulls.

Each design is an exquisite piece of stained glass art, hand-crafted to meet the personal style of each customer. The glass in our hardware is not heat formed whereby a kiln does all the design work for you, but each glass piece is hand-cut, and hand-set the way art glass was designed to be used. Our unique look in stained glass knob hardware reflects light in a luminous and utterly original fashion. Each piece is hand cut and crafted from stained glass and specialty glass; an art that can never be mass produced due to the intricate process it takes to create each finished piece.

Glace Yar designs are laid back easy style, done in simple shapes using a familiar color palette fresh for the trends of today and tomorrow.

A mix of colors and shapes... it all works for your home décor.