Manufactures and installs Lumber Dry Kilns for Hardwoods and Southern Yellow Pine. Designs include package loaded and track loaded kilns, conventional and high temperature arrangements using steam and direct fired heat sources. KDS also manufactures Green. Kiln Drying Systems & Components, Inc., offers a wide range of services and quality lumber dry kiln equipment for 20,000-board-foot to 200,000-board-foot capacities.
High temperature Southern Yellow Pine kilns direct fired or steam heated
Green sawdust fueled burners and complete recirculation and ducting systems
Track and package style conventional temperature kilns
All-aluminum hardwood kilns featuring unique time-tested, rugged designs
Prestressed concrete and aluminum hardwood kilns for the ultimate in performance and durability
Kiln upgrades and rebuilds
Air enhancements
Air lift baffles
New fan systems
Variable frequency drives
New controls
Control upgrades
Replacement roofs
Kiln doors
Heating coils
Custom improvements
Our own field installation crews to do the construction work
Replacement parts (Please contact us for any drying equipment, related parts, and current pricing.)

KDS offers complete hardwood kiln systems and direct fired or steam pine kilns, with full in-house installation capabilities. In addition, KDS offers clean-burning green sawdust fueled burner systems complete with fuel storage. Our product line is one of the most comprehensive in the drying industry.

We supply complete control systems, from basic Partlow systems to state-of-the-art computerized PLC controls, with user-friendly access and a graphics package second to none.